NetZero & Conosur Chile 2023: Decarbonization Strategies in Chilean Corporations

Yeanice Vásquez, from Airflux Spa, participating in the Discussion on Decarbonization Strategies.

NetZero & Conosur Chile 2023: Decarbonization Strategies in Chilean Corporations

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Yeanice Vásquez, CEO of Airflux Spa, participated in a pivotal discussion on decarbonization strategies within Chilean corporations at an event organized by Latam Green, a leading platform in sustainability and environmental matters.

At this high-level event, Yeanice Vásquez shared Airflux's vision on how air quality monitoring technology can play a fundamental role in decarbonization and in promoting more sustainable practices within companies. She discussed how precise air quality information can assist corporations in making informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their environmental impact.

Airflux's participation in this discussion underscores their dedication to innovation and sustainability, as well as their active role in advocating for more environmentally responsible business practices.

The event saw collaboration from Ecodesarrollo, EY, KPMG, and other prominent organizations in the sustainability field, emphasizing the significance of this topic in today's business landscape.

Airflux Spa continues to lead in applying innovative technology to address environmental challenges and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

(The video is only available in Spanish)

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