Colina introduces sensors to measure air quality, noise levels, temperature, and humidity.

This is made possible through a partnership between the Colina Municipality, Airflux, and Enel X.

Colina introduces sensors to measure air quality, noise levels, temperature, and humidity.

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On Wednesday, Colina's mayor, Isabel Valenzuela, along with the municipal director of Environment, José Pedro Guilisasti, inaugurated the use of two sensors for real-time measurement of particulate matter, noise levels, temperature, and relative humidity.

It's noteworthy that this measurement system is being implemented in the municipality for the first time. These monitoring sensors will be located in Colina Centro and Chicureo, introducing innovation in the analysis of the environment and the characteristics of the mentioned measurements.

Mayor Isabel Valenzuela emphasized the significance of sensor placement: "Previously, Colina measured air quality using a sensor located in Quilicura, which is more than 30 kilometers away. This greatly facilitates local measurements, helps us seek improvement programs, and explore heating alternatives."

Director of Environment, José Pedro Guilisasti, underscored the purpose of this innovative plan: "Having this monitoring system is an unprecedented step. Now we have our own hub that allows us to measure air quality in real time, enabling us to manage and improve it. We can also lodge complaints and conduct inspections for both fine and coarse particulate matter."

Furthermore, he mentioned, "We need Colina to be more sustainable, which is why we will have a QR code available on our social media platforms. This QR code will display a graph with all the measurements provided by this tool."

When asked about the current environmental situation in the municipality, he added, "Air quality is better than in Santiago, the ventilation is different, but we've still had 24 environmental alerts and three pre-emergencies, which compels us as a municipality to strive for improvement."

Finally, Yeanice Vásquez, CEO of Airflux, highlighted the benefits of this measurement system: "It's important for municipalities to have this environmental management in place, to understand the diagnosis and what's happening here in Colina. We won this public tender to establish this intelligent monitoring. This allows us to see how the municipality is adapting to climate change."

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